• 共設有29個辦事處,遍佈14個國家/地區

  • 每年協助16,000個家庭搬遷安居

  • 1400名專業員工



Asian Tigers Mobility致力提供專業的本地及跨國搬遷安居服務。我們的搬遷專員可信可靠且經驗豐富,可協助閣下處理搬遷相關的的大小事務。我們樂意多走一步,為客戶提供簽證、移民、搬遷管理、新居物色及目的地計劃多項服務。此外,我們亦提供租賃管理及安頓服務,確保打造令閣下安枕無憂的搬遷體驗。無論有何需求,Asian Tigers Mobility都可度身訂造專屬解決方案。



Easy to move with my wife from Perth to Hanoi. The team at both ends have been very patient even when we could not get the required document on arrival from customs. The luggage came in promptly and no issues. Tony M.

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