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  • Apr  1st  2012
    Gordon Bell recently stepped down from his role as the Chairman of the highly prestigious OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) trade association. Gordon has served 9 years on the board, in several leadership capacities, culminating in his Chairmanship from 2010 to 2012.  
  • Apr  1st  2012
    Rob Chipman, chief of Asian Tiger Mobility - Hong Kong, was recently appointed to the FIDI board of directors. Following in the footsteps of Eric   
  • Apr  1st  2012
    Keith Meader, President of Asian Tiger Mobility - Thailand was recently elected to the OMNI board of directors. Carrying on the tradition of Asian Tigers involvement with and support of OMNI, Keith joins the board as Gordon Bell completes his term as OMNI President. Keith brings 20 years of Asian experience and 26 years of industry experience to the OMNI board.  
  • Jan  21st  2011
    In January 2011 Asian Tigers Mobility hosted a regionwide training in Guangzhou, China.